The pieces we offer at Sonia B. Designs are meant to last at least a lifetime, but most jewelry requires minimal service at some point. We’d be happy to help you with any loose diamonds/gemstones, basic repairs, or any servicing your individual piece may require. All you need to do is get in touch!

There are several things you can do to keep your jewelry collection sparkling and in mint condition:

Wear with care

Let jewelry be the last thing you put on when getting ready, and the first thing you take off at the end of the day. Gemstones especially, require special care. Avoid impact against hard surfaces. Handle gems and pearls as little as possible; the natural oils on your skin can dull the stone. Avoid contact with cosmetics, perfumes, chlorine or any cleaning fluids with any jewelry. This means that taking off your rings during household cleaning is a good idea, and of course remembering where you leave them is an even better one J

Cleaning jewelry at home can be simple

To clean your own jewelry, warm soapy water is a good bet, even for diamond and gemstone jewelry. A soft bristle toothbrush can help to get grime off intricate designs. Commercial cleaning solutions are available at most jewelers. An exception to this is threaded pearl or bead jewelry which should avoid any contact with water. Bleach is a no-no when it comes to cleaning jewelry, although rubbing alcohol may be a good idea. A jewelry polishing cloth is a great way to polish jewelry and remove smudges.

 Inspect, Repair, Cure

Try to inspect your jewelry regularly by checking for loose stones or diamonds and any sign of damage. Repairing may be easier and even cheaper than you’d think. Never try to clean damaged jewelry yourself; it will probably aggravate the problem.

 It’s expensive, so store appropriately

To keep your jewelry secure, keep each piece in separate boxes (fabric-lined jewelry boxes are ideal) and fasten all chains and catches before storing flat. Wrap individual pieces in acid free tissue or cloth. Prevent your jewelry from tarnishing by placing silver anti-tarnish strips in your storage container to absorb the oxidants that discolor and tarnish jewelry.